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By popular demand, we have started a recipe and menu section. Please submit your favorite sprout recipes and we will publish them here.

Sproutman's Basic Sprout Bread

Soak 4 cups of hard wheat in 4 jars for 8-10 hours. Sprout for 2 days. Examine the seed for the shoot. The shoot is short, thick and grows in the opposite direction of the hairlike roots. In order to achieve the desired consistency, the shoot must be the length of the berry. Longer makes the bread too chewy. Now grind the sprouts in a food processor, a Champion juicer (homogenizer section), a wheatgrass juicer, or a cast iron meat grinder. Do not use a blender or Vita Mix. It is crucial that the resulting "sprout dough" is ground to a smooth paste. If necessary, reinsert the sprouts for a second grind. Form a 12 x 3 inch loaf by hand. Wet your hands constantly while shaping. Lay the loaf on a seeded cookie sheet. Sesame or poppy seeds keep the bread from sticking. Bake slowly at 250 degrees F (120 C). for approximately 2-4 hours. Lift the bread off the baking tray momentarily after 1-2 hours of baking. This avoids sticking. Bread is done when the underside is firm and no longer mushy. The inside will remain moist while the top of the bread may harden.

You may add 1 cup raisins or chopped dates for variety.

©1983 by Steve Meyerowitz.
For more sprout bread recipes, see Sproutman's Kitchen Garden Cookbook

Here is menu for a 4 course dinner that was served to my friends a few weeks ago. As I said, “it is amazing how much food can be produced in such a short time.”
The picture is the main salad that was served.

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