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Eat-In Awards 2009

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Eat-In Awards 2010

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Winner: Kitchen Garden

Who: Winner of last year’s Eat In Awards Earth category and the previous year’s Innovation award, Joseph Feigelson first became fascinated with the versatility of sprouts when his daughter asked him for help on a school project. They decided to demonstrate how easy and inexpensive it was to grow sprouts from home, and how, if implemented by more people, sprout-growing could help alleviate hunger in South Africa. The school project is long over, but Joseph’s sprout obsession is still going strong. He supplies some of the country’s top chefs and offers the largest variety of edible sprouts in Africa.
Where:  Kitchen Garden, Tokai; 082 820 9646.
Why: For his continued sense of innovation, his extensive range of sprouts, which includes everything from rocket to kohlrabi, as well as his contribution to
society. “This man just keeps on being innovative,” says

Merit Award Eat-In 2011

The Kitchen Garden Sprouts


Joseph & Ms Greef Editor of Eat-In Magazine

Joseph and Ms Greef


Proud Winner

Proud Winner Joseph Fiegelson

Joseph & Roselinde manning the stall


What a Sprout Head Grown with Chia Seed - Joseph & Malu

Sprout head

Paper published for Organic Conference

Foraging in the forest with Michelle Mathews from Salut magazine


Magic Mushrooms



Neghborhood Community Garden

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Abalimi Video




We are Abalimi. We are the Farmers. from Abalimi Bezekhaya on Vimeo.