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Sprouts with a distinct radish flavour. Daikon Radish Sprouts are used extensively in Japanese and other Asian cuisines. They are a good source of vitamin A, B group and C, calcium, fibre, folic acid, iron, magnesium and protein.

(Diakon and China Rose) A member of the mustard family and probably originating in Eurasia, radish is one of the first recorded cultivated vegetables and dates back to earliest historical times. Its name comes from the Latin word "radix," meaning "a root." Radish Sprouts are fast growing with a spicy, hot flavor. Diakon seeds produce tall, lush green sprouts, while China Rose or Cherry Bell radish sprouts have a touch of pink.

Radish sprouts have 29 times more Vitamin C than milk (29mg vs 1mg) and 4 times the Vitamin A (391 IU vs 126). These spicy sprouts have 10 times more calcium than a potato (51mg vs 5mg) and contain more vitamin C than pineapple. If you examine what is happening during germination, it looks like a vitamin factory. While mature radishes contain 10 IU/100g of provitamin, the radish sprouts contain 391 IU - 39 times more! No wonder, sprout lovers say you can feel the vitamins!