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The Broccoli Sprouts Breakthrough: The New Miracle Food for Cancer Prevention by Deborah Mitchell presents information of purchasing and growing your own broccoli sprouts, their nutritional benefits and recipes using these and other cancer-fighting foods.

Sprout Garden - Revised Edition
by Mark Matthew Braunstein gives the latest information on growing every kind of sprout and all the different methods.

Sprouts The Miracle Food: The Complete Guide to Sprouting
by Steve Meyerowitz is a step-by-step guide to growing 30 different varieties of sprouts. Also included are illustrations and comprehensive nutrition charts.

The Sprouting Book
by Ann Wigmore tells how to grow sprouts by various different methods. It also includes recipes.

Raw living food

The Life Energy your body needs for health can only be obtained from RAW LIVING FOOD. This is because raw food found in the natural God given state is the only food with living ENZYMES. Enzymes are chemical protein compounds that are energizers of all body metabolism. The heat of cooking over 120 degrees F kills enzymes. Pasteurized and canned food has no enzymes.

All physical life energy begins with the sun. Solar energy is what plants use for photosynthesis. This light/chemical process is what creates the life power of enzymes that all animal life on earth depends on. This is why seed sprouts, raw salads, and raw fruit and vegetable juices are an essential element for health.

This subject is discussed thoroughly in Edward Howell's book Enzyme Nutrition. For more important health related information check out our Food Combining Chart and Health Links - Alternative Medicine