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How Does Your Garden Grow?

Mine grows quickly and conveniently, next to my kitchen sink. Thanks to Mother Nature and a better way to grow sprouts! I call this new "micro indoor hydroponic home food production system "Kitchen Garden." What's amazing is that so much high quality fresh food can be grown so fast in so little space. In addition to bountiful harvests any day of the year, there's personal satisfaction in being able to do something about the quality and cost of food.

Kitchen Garden is a  "mom n' pop" company but without the "mom" currently operating from home and is totally dedicated to the research and development of means to promote good nutrition and the usage of sprouts & herbs in every home.
"I have dedicated endless time and energy," says Joseph Feigelson, inventor, eco-preneur and horticulturist "passionate developer of a system that allows anyone to grow sprouts at home." By developing a low-cost kit for easy home sprouting, he hopes to bring the 'sprout message' to every home and kitchen.

Joseph says, " In order to educate the consumer, www.kitchengarden.co.za has online charts indicating the vitamin and mineral contents of sprouts as well as the specific healing effects attributed to each seed, available free".

"KITCHEN GARDEN®," says Joseph, owner and founder of Kitchen Garden, "under the philosophy of 'making your own vitamins and food supplements at home - hassle free.' Our product in fact is a mini vitamin factory and does just that!

The custom designed container stand manufactured from grade 304L (18/10) electro polished stainless steel will not rust, tarnish or discolor with age and should last a lifetime and is upgradeable. This sets Kitchen Garden in a class by itself. The container stand keeps the growing containers organized while providing light and proper drainage. The correct alignment of the drainage allows the moisture to be "trapped" in the seed due to the hygroscopic nature of the seeds and the surface of the growing container and this in turn causes the seeds to sprout and grow. The drainage tray is easily removable for cleaning.

Don't worry about the climate or weather with Kitchen Garden. It's the ultimate self-sufficiency garden for anyone desiring a reliable supply of pesticide-free, high fiber, vitamin/mineral/enzyme-rich, energizing fresh food.

Joseph believes that Kitchen Garden can play a vital role in the fight against poverty through employment and entrepreneurial opportunities as well as the fact that Kitchen Garden addresses problems regarding education, health and food security. Education because it is vital to have adequate nutrition to be a learner, health because nutrition plays a vital role in the health of the immune system to ward off diseases such as cancer and AIDS and food security because it is comforting to know that anyone can be only a few days away from fulfilling nutritional needs with Kitchen Garden, so make Kitchen Garden your one-stop shop for all your sprouting requirements.

The recent addition of the Wheatgrass and Sunflower mini greens growing kitr brings the future of agriculture into your home right now. The slower late sprouting seeds normally left over in the sprouting process now can be used to produce fresh mini greens and these in turn may be transplanted into your outdoor garden to grow full term vegetables and also to produce seeds, thereby completing the full cycle while enjoying the benefits of true sustainability.