KITCHEN GARDEN welcomes you to our website where you will find easier navigation, new shopping trolleys, videos and a wealth of information. 

Kitchen Garden website is used and referenced by leading academic institutions worldwide.

Kitchen Garden has new owners, Rachél and Ian and we trust that we will deliver the same service and assistance that our customers received previously, by Joseph.  Perhaps we can improve in certain ways as we are moving to healthy products.  This will be expanded in due time as we want our clients to enjoy our new range that will be visible mid 2019.



Website Update

Two new articles on Sprout Safety by Steve Meyerowitz "Sproutman" and

Mike Adams "Health Ranger"

Spice Racks with new Gourmet Sprinkles

Newest Seed Varieties

Red Cabbage, Kale, Mizuna, 3 new Radish varieties, Hemp Seed and much more.

Now Available:  Barley Seed (Grow your own Barleygrass in our specially designed)  "Wheatgrass and Sunflower Growing Kit"





New Products Launched

Indoor/Outdoor Wheat/Barley Grass & Mini Greens Sprouting Kit

Everything you need to get started! Grow luscious wheatgrass and Mini Greens.   


Cannabis Sativa Hemp Seed Butter

(See Gourmet Butters)

":Hemp Repairs Damamged DNA" See Blog under "SOCIAL"


Gourmet Treat: "Vegiar", Your Vegan Caviar'nt




The Power Within (SABC 3) - Kitchen Garden TV Interview

"The Power Within" a SABC 3 program, aired  Saturday  August  20 @ 9.30 am where Kitchen Garden insert was featured.



Kitchen Garden - The first to produce fresh sprouts in the Antarctic

Scientist Anton Feun takes Kitchen Garden to new heights or depths being the first to produce fresh sprouts in the Antactic during his extended 14 month tour.



Kitchen Garden - Proudly South African

90 Second clip from Proudly South African which played on ETV



Kitchen Garden ZA

8 minute insert from FREE SPIRIT which featured on SABC 3 and includes segment on n'Kozi Homes